Charity number 1191390
● Everyone is welcome to enter the Scarecrow Festival
● To participate, entrants must submit completed registration form and made payment by September 5th, and have the
scarecrow on display by the required time
● Registration of scarecrows costs £5 per household
● These rules are subject to change at any time (without notice)
● Minimum height of one metre
● Scarecrows must be on display 10am to 4pm, 11th and 12th September
● All scarecrows must be built from scratch by the entrants(s). No commercial creations allowed
● Creativity and originality – make your scarecrow with that little bit extra, it may be the materials used, the way the
scarecrow has been made, how the scarecrow is displayed, or simply a fantastic idea that catches the eye,
remember hero’s is the theme!
● You can use any materials you like to build your scarecrow, there are no restrictions, just one exception: pre moulded
or commercially available face masks ARE NOT permitted
● All scarecrows must be displayed in good taste. Any entrant designing their scarecrow to cause deliberate offence
will be disqualified
● All scarecrows must be displayed at the front of your property to be viewed.They must also be secured in a manner
that they will not blow away and will not otherwise be a danger to or possibly cause injury to anyone. Bradgate Rotary
will not be held responsible for any damage to Third Party property or people, caused by the creation or insecurity of
scarecrows. Owners are solely held responsible for the safety and security of their scarecrow(s)
● You agree to photos being taken of your scarecrow and used online and in Social Media
● By entering the Scarecrow Festival, you confirm that you accept all the rules
● Finally….the most important rule: Make sure you enjoy yourselves!!
Only scarecrows registered by the deadline will be considered for judging.
The judges decision is final

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